14 Fruits nutritious For Body

Fruit is one type of food that contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are generally very good to be consumed every day. Compared with chemical drugs supplements sold in stores, the fruit is far more secure without the dangerous side effects as well as from the general prices much cheaper than a supplement that has the same function. So fruit can be an alternative drug if you can mixes. 
Below we can see the contents, properties and health benefits of some kind of fruit that many around us: 
•    Tomatoes can help cleanse the liver and blood of our hearts.
•    Tomato can prevent various diseases and other health problems such as:
      a.    bleeding gums.
      b.    night blindness
      c.    blood clotting.
      d.    appendix.
      e.    prostate cancer and breast cancer. 
•    Papaya contains vitamin C and provitamin A.
•    Papaya can help break down dietary fiber in the digestive system.
•    Papaya can make be smoothly intestine.
•    Papaya can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
     a.    heal wounds.
     b.    eliminate the infection.
     c.    eliminate allergies 
•    Bananas contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.
•    Bananas can help reduce stomach acid.
•    Bananas can help maintain water balance in the body.
•    Bananas can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
     a.    gastric disorders.
     b.    heart disease and stroke
     c.    stress
     d.    lower kolesterol levels in the blood koleterol. 
•    Mango contains vitamins A, E and C.
•    Mango may act as a disinfectant.
•    Mango can clean the blood.
•    Mango can cope with or treat various diseases and other health problems such as:
     a.    Body odor /  unpleasant body odor
     b.     Lose body heat during a fever.
•    Strawberry contain provitamin A, vitamin B1, B and C.
•    Strawberry substances contain antioxidants to fight free radicals.
•    Strawberries have their uses / other health functions such as:
     a.    Treat health problems in the bladder.
     b.    Become anti-virus
     c.    Become an anti-cancer 

Maitake Mushrooms Destroyer Tumor

These days Medical Herbalist will tell something very important to you that happy with  herbal medicine.
researchers found the efficacy of the fungus that can destroy tumors by 75 percent. Maitake mushrooms are usually used for cooking the mixture that has properties.

Mushroom 8-inch diameter are known potent against prostate cancer which kills about 15,000 people in the UK each year.

Dr. Konno try to combine Sensuke mushroom extracts with anti-cancer protein called interferon alpha. The result, three-quarters of patients the cancer cells may be lost.

Researchers from New York Medical Center says, proteins and anti-cancer active substance in the mushrooms will activate the enzyme that controls the growth of cancer cells.

"This is an effective breakthrough for cancer treatment, because it can reduce the dose of conventional therapies and improve patient's quality of life," said Dr. as quoted Dailymail Konno, Tuesday (1/12/2009).

Dr Allison Rose from the Cancer Research Center also said that one day this fungus could be anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs that promise. Detik.com


Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) is a kind of a lot of palm trees planted in the Middle East and North Africa for its fruit can be eaten. Because history to take his the cultivation long ago, its origin is certainly not unknown, but likely this tree originated in the desert oasis in north Africa, and perhaps also in southwestern Asia. Medium-sized tree, about 15-25 meters high, often grow in groups with several trees that came from one same root, but can also grow their own.

Not only delicious eaten, dates also have many benefits. Excerpted from various sources, which contained properties include:

1. If eaten without the skin away, can aid digestion and prevent intestinal inflammation.

2. For breastfeeding women, and iron content in the palm of calcium can increase the quantity of milk.

3. Dates any part to help the formation of blood and bone marrow for breastfed babies.

4. Dates trusted to give additional strength to pregnant women.

5. According to research, palm juice can strengthen the muscles of the uterus, so the delivery process easier. Also reduce bleeding during labor and strengthen organs uterus.

6. It is said that mothers breast-fed infants who consume diligent dates, will grow into a smart kid.

7. Very good to deal with constipation, muscle weakness, fatigue, stress, and aching.

8. Help strengthen memory.

9. Arab women believe dates to refine the skin. Usually with a mixture of other materials used as complementary cosmetic beauty.

10. Levels of potassium found in dates can reduce the risk of stroke and high blood.

11. For patients with cough, can eliminate the sugar content of itching in the throat, and stop the cough.

12. Palm juice is also efficacious to reduce insomnia disease.

13. Dates can increase appetite and sexual abuse.

14. Iron and carbohydrate contained good enough for patients with chronic anemia and lethargic.

15. Contribute to keep warm and improve the brain works.

Not Containing Fat

Dates proved to have a myriad benefits. Protein content and natural sugars are easily digested, so that both the consumption of people who have fasted all day. Potassium is believed to lower high blood pressure and may reduce the risk of stroke. In a date, known as an excellent potassium source for beneficial overcome and reduce fatigue.

Dates are also believed to be the largest contributor to power. Can supply large amounts of calories. Therefore, with dates will open sufficiently. If too much will reduce appetite.

Still talking about the content of dates, nutrition experts say, this fruit also contains potassium. Substance which is very useful to keep a healthy heart and blood vessels. Function mineral make regular heart rate, activates muscle contraction, and stabilize blood pressure.

Dates do not contain fat, but carbohydrates can produce energy (power) high. Once the benefits of dates, so that the Arab women used as formulations to keep the skin smooth. They liked to eat dates, presented to guests as a sign of respect, and also used to complement food.

Olive is a species of palm plants or in the Latin language Phonex dactylifera. Can be eaten as raw or cooked. Generally grown in the plains of the Middle East, including Medina, Egypt, and Tunisia.

1. Water 22:50 g
2. Energy 275 cal
3. Energy 1151 kj
4. Protein 1.97 g
5. 0.45 g fat
6. Carbohydrates 73.51 g
7. Fiber 7.5 g
8. 1.58 g ash
1. Calcium, Ca 32 mg
2. Iron, Fe 1.15 mg
3. Magnesium, Mg 35 mg
4. Phosphorus, P 40 mg
5. Potassium, 652 mg K
6. Sodium, 3 mg Na
7. Zinc, Zn 0.29 mg
8. Copper, Cu 0.288 mg
9. Manganese, Mn 0.298 mg
10. Selenium, Se mcg 1.9
1. Thiamin 0.090 mg
2. Riboflavin 0.100 mg
3. Niacin 2.200 mg
4. 0.780 mg Pantothenic
5. Vitamin B-6 0.192 mg
6. Folate 13 mcg
7. Folate, food 13 mcg
8. Vitamin A, 50 IU
9. Vitamin A, RE 5 mcg_RE
10. Vitamin E 0.100 mg_ATE


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